Helga is one of Ruff's cousins. She is a fashion designer who's from Germany. She has only appeared 3 times.


She first appeared in Take Me Out to the Fashion Show. She says that if Ruff doesn't have a sense of fashion, he cannot go into her house whatsoever. She was one of the judges for Project Ruffway. Her next appearance was in How to Really Train Your Dog in the end where she states that she should have the Helmet of Victory because Ruff owes her presents as well as saying that her birthday is before Grandma Ruffman's. Her next appearance is The Legend of Ruffman's Gold where she asks Ruff to protect her gold jewelry. Her last appearance is in The Fetch Finale. She didn't actually make an appearance but a constellation of her appears at the end.


Her appearance is that she is a dog with blond hair and big circle glasses that are green. She also has a dress that is blue with white polka dots and white slippers as well as lipstick on her lip.