Half Time Quiz Show Logo

The Half-Time Quiz Show Logo

The Half-Time Quiz Show is for the remaining Fetchers who stay back in the studio to get points of their own.


Hence the name, it appears in the middle of the show. In all seasons, they have 10 Questions to answer. Wall e holds a timer that explodes with confetti, glitter, and balloons when it runs out of time. They get 5 points each
Half Time Quiz Show 1

One of the times when someone gets 10 out of 10 questions right.

if they get it right. If they skip a question and if they have time left, they can try to answer those questions. Every correct response launches confetti. Every incorrect response causes an error and lets stick figures out of the computer. Up to 50 points the Fetchers can get. In Season 1 & 2, they had 90 seconds while in Seasons 3 to 5, they had 60.


  • The Season that had the most Half Time Quiz Shows that got 50 points was Season 5 with 3.
  • The least amount of points that some people have gotten was 25.