Good Dancing and Bad Breath

Good Dancing and Bad Teeth is the 2nd episode of Fetch With Ruff Ruffman Season 1 and the 2nd episode overall. It was first aired on May 26, 2006.


Ruff can't decide which standee he should take with him for his Fetch book tour. He then gets his dance cd from the mail. He does this to impress Charlene because she said that he has halitosis which he think means charm and good looks. But when he looks it up, he sees that it actually means bad breath. When the Fetchers show up, he shows them who is in 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,& 6th. He tells them about the bad breath issue and also states that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth. So, Anna & Brian go to a dentist to see who's mouth is cleaner. He gives Khalil & Julia the second challenge which involves the word "Supershag". When Anna & Brian go to the dentist, they say for a prediction that dogs have cleaner mouth as well as talking about what causes teeth to become clean or not clean. They try using disclosing solution to see the plaque. Brian goes first and gets a B-. Meanwhile, Khalil & Julia go to Supershag and learn that they will be doing the Waltz. They learn the Box Step,the Dancing Position and some other moves. Back on the dentist, Anna goes and gets a B+. They then test the dentist and she gets an A. They also test other people which get B's,One F,One A,& One C. Back to the dance, Khalil & Julia then dance with each other. Then the Half-Time Quiz Show comes and Noah & Taylor get 9 out of 10 questions right. On to the dentist, they test dogs and they get One A,Bs, Cs & Ds. After practicing a few more times, Khalil & Julia have to do a show at Supershag tonight. Julia's aunt Joan comes to give her moral support. After Anna & Brian see the results, they say that a human's mouth are cleaners than a dog's mouth. Julia & Khalil then get dressed up for the show and then danced in front of the people. Then, it was points time. Julia & Khalil got 85 points while Anna & Brian got 50 points. Brian got 6,435 for his love of dogs until the Fetch 3000 gets an overload error so Ruff subtracts 6,400 off but still gets 35 points. Anna gets 35 points for using her sense of humor. Brian & Anna win the episode and the prize was to do the Waltz in front of the Fetchers. Ruff finally admits that he doesn't need Charlene to be his partner and decides to pick his standee to be his partner.