Chet is a mouse that appears on the show as Ruff's assistant. Doesn't Taik. He has first appeared in Season 3 and has been there ever since. He's a circus mouse.


He is a brown mouse with Blue eyes. Like Blossom, he's a Not Speak character with the occasional cartoon sound effect. He somewhat takes things literally like when Ruff says "Hurt It" meaning to put the wet kibble in the trash, he instead puts a building on fire. Or when Ruff Blossom & Chet try to do a "Bluebird". He gets paint and puts it over Jay's face, the winner of Season 3. He also doesn't things that are impossible like building a jewelry engine made that ruins on milkshake. At first, Ruff did Like him. But he now starts to become more of a friend to him. Chet's used as a computer mouse alternative.


Chet lives within a small mouse hole of the Right side of the Fetch 1000. He seems to have many things Ruff doesn't have or can't afford, like a jacuzzi. Chet is mostly a troublemaker, but sometimes Chet does what Ruff tells him to do, which is why Chet can stay.==